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Caring Cremations came into existence when we found ourselves exasperated by the traditional funeral and ceremony services that are available.

We wanted a simple way of organising a respectful cremation, without the worry of additional hidden costs and expensive funeral vehicles. 

And so, Caring Cremations was born.

From our desire for cremations without ceremony, came our ethos of providing respectful and dedicated no funeral cremations, and simple, intimate cremation services that allow families and individuals the support needed during this time, but without the expense that traditional funeral services often incur. 

Cremation Without A Ceremony

We understand that for some, traditional funerals are exactly what they want. But we also understand that for some families, this simply is not an option.

Our direct cremation and simple cremation services are designed to be accessible to everyone, where the utmost respect and dignity is afforded to your loved one.

Our services are perfect for families who for many different reasons prefer not to have a ceremony at the crematorium, which is why they opt for our cremation without a funeral service.

This means that you or your family can organise a memorial or celebration event in honour of your loved one at a later date, in a way that feels best for you.

We offer support at each step of the way, or can handle the entire process for you. Our services are entirely governed by your personal preference.

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