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Memorial Jewellery For Ashes 

How you remember your loved one is unique to you, and we firmly believe that you should be able to celebrate them after their passing in the way that is most authentic to them, and to you.

Ashes Into Glass creates exquisite memorial jewellery for ashes as tributes to your loved one that are as beautiful as they are long-lasting.

Cremation jewellery comes in many forms, but Ashes Into Glass specialise in turning your loved ones ashes to glass which is then coloured and formed into uniquely beautiful pieces for you to wear.

The Process

The Ashes

The Ashes

Using traditional techniques, Ashes Into Glass only require a small amount of your loved ones ashes to create their unique pieces, allowing them to create beautiful lasting tributes to those you hold dear... The remaining ashes will be returned to you with your completed order.

Cutting & Polishing

Once cooled, the carefully crafted jewellery is expertly cut, polished and toughened before being set. Its beauty will stand the test of time, reflecting the bond you share with your loved one.  Your stone might remind you of a starry night sky, a cloud high above, or maybe the ashes floating on a gentle breeze.

Your Engraving

Your jewellery will be diamond-point engraved in their setting workshop with a personal message, to make it even more unique. Whether this is a favourite phrase, song, poem, or a more traditional message.

Cremation Jewellery As Unique As Your Loved One

When you get your loved ones ashes made into jewellery, it's a way of turning your memory of them into treasure. Ashes Into Glass has several ways you can remember your loved one.


Whether you choose a tribute or heart ring, Ashes Into Glass turn your loved ones ashes into glass jewellery that fits perfectly.


Wear your loved one close to your heart with jewellery made for ashes in pendant form, in a round, heart, or long pendant style.


Share those special moments with cremation jewellery as cufflinks, each with a diamond-point inscription on the back.


Ashes Into Glass earrings mean you can take your loved one wherever you go; each stone is hand-crafted and unique.

Charm Beads

Let your loved one stay with you with the Ashes Into Glass charm bead; jewellery made for ashes that is as beautiful as it is quirky.

Memorial Paperweight

As cremation jewellery for your home, the memorial paperweight is a symbol of mystery and harmony, with your loved ones ashes displayed with coloured glass.

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