Professional Prepaid Cremations

Professional Prepaid Cremations

Prepaid cremations are not only a way to organise a cremation in advance, they remove the stress and worry from your loved ones during a difficult time. 

Our cremation payment plans give both you and your loved ones peace of mind and can be offered in a number of different ways, either through a lump sum or through manageable installments. 

Why Choose Prepaid Cremation Plans? 

As well as removing the emotional and financial worry that cremations are often accompanied by, cremation payment plans allow you or your loved one to take control of these highly personal affairs. 

Utilising prepaid cremation plans also means that you can secure the cost of a cremation today, for the future. And while this might not necessarily be at the forefront of anyone's mind, the rising cost of funerals, especially traditional funerals, can be something that might cause difficulties during the time of need when this arises. 

Our Cremation Payment Plans - What's Involved?

Whether you or a loved one is after a simple affair, or something more lavish and celebratory, when prepaid cremation plans are utilised, this means you or your loved one is entirely in control. 

There are many elements to a cremation that, understandably, we don't think about on a day to day basis. But by organising this in advance, it covers a lot of the small details to ensure this is all taken care of. 


By choosing one of our prepaid cremation plans, you or a loved one can be remembered in exactly the right way. Add those personal touches that are unique.

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Cremation or Burial Planning

Pre arranging your cremation might seem strange, or disconcerting, but doing so removes the stress and worry from loved ones when the time comes.

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You might have somewhere that is special to you or your loved one for the spreading of the ashes so this can all be arranged with us ahead of time.

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Prepaid Cremations That Work With You

Once a plan has been chosen, specific prepaid cremation costs agreed and your chosen funeral director has been nominated and confirmed, you can be safe in the knowledge that each and every request will be taken care of.

We work closely with you or your loved one to ensure that we can provide professional, reliable support at each step of the way.

So find out which of our prepaid cremation plans is most suitable, or get in touch with a member of our expert team to arrange a bespoke cremation payment plan with us.

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