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Burials have long been a symbolic way to celebrate, commemorate and lay to rest loved ones, with many religions and belief systems unanimous in the importance of burial ceremonies. While traditionally burials have been laying to rest your loved one in a casket, there are many different ways that you can afford the same dignity and ceremony to the burial or scattering of ashes following cremation.

We believe that how you celebrate the life of your loved one should be unique to them, their interests, and in whatever way pays tribute to them as individuals. 

Cremation ashes can be honoured and celebrated in ways that reflect your loved one. We've put a few ideas together for you, whether you're looking for a simple ceremony, or something more creative - so that you can choose whichever best represents your loved one and their life. And these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, with many more creative and sentimental options becoming available. 

  1. Scattering Cremation Ashes In A Favourite Location

Scattering cremation ashes is a very common way to celebrate your loved one, and is usually done in a location that was special or enjoyed. Deciding where to scatter is up to you, but the practice can be done on land, sea or even sky depending on the location that is most special.

It is important to get consent from local authorities when considering scattering ashes, with regards to when, where and how you will scatter them. You will most likely need written permission from these authorities, before commencing a scattering ceremony. Clear areas are often recommended, such as beaches, parks, woodlands, forests and meadows. 

When scattering, it is important that you plan ahead to ensure the ceremony is dignified. A common formation is to stand downwind and gently release the ashes into the flow of the wind - it is important to consider the time when you will carry this out, to ensure there will not be anyone standing in the direction of the wind. Many times, this scattering ceremony will be accompanied by a small raking ceremony afterwards to gently disperse the slightly heavier ashes that may fall closer to you during the scattering. Some families leave these to be naturally reclaimed by the earth. 

We do suggest that you consider an urn, or scattering tube, which will be more manageable and dignified than the container you will likely receive from the crematorium.

2. Sea Burials

Scattering your loved ones ashes out to sea is very symbolic, and can be very sentimental. This is done in much the same way as scattering the cremation ashes on land, but simply done on a coastline or shoreline of a beach, on a boat, or on a dock. This can also be done on lakes. While initially the ashes may sit upon the surface of the body of water, these will eventually sink and become one with the water over time.

Another option is to consider burial at sea. This option is slightly more regulated than simple scattering, so it is important to determine the guidelines in place with regards to burying your loved one at sea. You can visit the UK government website for more information on burials at sea.

It is important to consider the guidelines set by the environmental agency to ensure that your loved ones ashes are accompanied by biodegradable tributes only.

3. Space Burials

This option is as exciting and beautiful as it sounds. Organisations such as Ashes in Space provide truly stunning ways to scatter your loved ones ashes. 

You can send your loved one on an incredible journey up to a height of 10,000 feet which is above 99.5% of the Earth's atmosphere. And with a background of the vast expanse of space, and with the curvature of the Earth visible, your loved ones ashes are gently scattered in front of a state of the art camera so you can witness this monumental moment for your loved one and your family. Although this is on the more expensive scale of scattering ceremonies, it is an exceptional way to celebrate and commemorate your loved one.

4. Urn Gardens

Urn Gardens are commemorative spaces which hold decorative urns in a dedicated outdoor setting. These are normally located within cemeteries, and are most often decorated to look similar to communal or ornamental gardens. Your loved ones ashes can be held within the ground with a commemorative plaque, or planted in a decorative urn in the ground with a marker.

5. Commemorative Jewellery 

Another option to celebrate your loved one which has become more prevalent is the transformation of your loved ones ashes into commemorative jewellery. There are many ways to commemorate your loved one forever in this way, with specialist designs to carefully incorporate a small amount of your loved ones ashes into a celebratory piece.

6. Decorative Urns

If you or your family are not inclined to scatter your loved ones ashes, you can keep them with you in a decorative urn. Displaying your loved ones ashes in a commemorative urn can be a powerful way to celebrate them and their life, and is one of the simplest ways to memorialise them. You can also keep your loved ones ashes privately if you do not wish to display them, as decorative urns come in many shapes and sizes to suit your loved one themselves, and your wishes.

7. Commemorative Artwork & Displays

Another more recently available option to celebrate your loved one is to transform their ashes into commemorative artwork. There are many organisations that will skillfully incorporate your loved ones ashes into visually beautiful art. 

There are also ways, through using modern technologies and techniques, to transform your loved one into unique pieces of art such as vinyl records, tattoos, and even sculptures. 

These are all beautiful ways to celebrate your loved ones in unique ways, which best represent your loved one and their life. 

And if you feel that cremation is the right option for you and your loved one, you can begin making arrangements with our expert, friendly team today over the phone. Caring Cremations provide direct cremation services and simple cremation services which cater to the wishes of you and your family.

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